Enrolment Enquiry

We would love to meet you and show you what our school has to offer. For the 2021 enrolment period we will be holding one-on-one virtual tours with our Principal. If you would like a copy of our prospectus, or to book one of these sessions, please pop your details in below.


Swim Carnival

“Carroll College are fortunate to employ excellent teachers. My boys have always been treated respectfully as they have grown into young adults. I think the trust that is gained through this connection has really helped their learning.” – Carroll College parent

“The school is more on top of expecting good behaviour. It’s one of the reasons we send our boys there. Our Principal is very progressive and switched on. The staff are so energised with her.  She is always so supportive.” – Carroll College parent

R.E. is one of their favourite subjects. The teachers are very good. They make it relevant to their lives. For example, they’ll make a meme or explore rap artists and find the link between them and Jesus. They loved that they make it modern.” – Carroll College parent

“Carroll College respects each individual in their learning and they look out for each individual’s welfare. Carroll encourages honesty, equality and compassion.” – Carroll College parent