BRoulee ABC

At Carroll College, we use our BRoulee ABC to guide, shape, and affirm positive behaviours and actions at the College.

To be a strong, cohesive, and caring learning community, we aim to:

Be Christ-like

Christ taught us compassion, justice, hope, and joy. In our interactions with each other and the wider community, as a College we, too, ask members of our learning community to show compassion, to act justly, and to be people of hope and joy.

Respect All

Students are asked to show respect through their thoughts, words, and actions.

Aim High

In all facets of school life -- academic, pastoral, and extra-curricular -- students are asked to give their best.

Be Proud

We ask students to be proud of who they are and what they stand for, to have pride in themselves and in their school.

Celebrate Success

As a community, we take every opportunity to affirm, encourage, and celebrate successes.